C Tyre

C Tyre


Located at the edge of a Nature Reserve on the outskirts of the Phoenician city of C Tyre in Southern Lebanon.

The legendary birthplace of Europa and bane of Alexander the Great, the story of C Tyre spans some four thousand years. It is a Unesco designated World Heritage site and the hippodrome is considered one of the largest and best preserved of the Roman world.


Arthaus has undertaken to create a minimal impact, minimal waste ecological project on this beautiful stretch of pristine sand beach.

Every effort has been made to respect the natural topography of the site, preserving the dunes and natural vegetation.

C Tyre has a reputation for the cleanest beaches and waters in Lebanon; a reputation we shall do our best to uphold.


Our aim, in collaboration with Milan-based Industrial Designer Samer el Ameen, is to create a playful space to relax and enjoy the serenity of the beach.

We invite our guests to discard their everyday cares and get back in touch with their innermost child.

Art installations dotted around the space serve to encourage you to dream and play.


C Tyre restaurant is open all day and serves delicious locally sourced food, featuring fish, grilled meats and fresh salads.

Our mixologists at the bar prepare original, mouth-watering cocktails and fresh juices to be enjoyed from dawn to dusk.

We invite you to stay for sunset drinks and dinner amongst the dunes and the stars.